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As an author for Harlequin Intrigue, Margaret Chittenden published two novels. She also publishes under the names Meg Chittenden and Rosalind Carson. The British-born (and United States based) author now focuses on mystery and suspense novels, including the series featuring the character Charlie Plato. She has published over 30 novels during her career, working in a variety of genres. She has also published the non-fiction title How To Write Your Novel.

Her career in the romance genre started in 1979 when George Clay, an editor for Harlequin invited her to write for the about-to-launch Superromance line[1]. These were published under the Carson name, though Chittenden abandoned the pseudonym in 1989. Chittenden cities worrying too much about getting published before learning the craft as a key mistake made by beginning writers[2]:

Worrying about getting an agent and getting an editor's attention and making lots of money before they can really write. Also, many beginners look down on genre writing and are convinced their writing can't be classified in any way. Usually, in such circumstances, it can be classified, not always in a complimentary fashion.



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